BARBIE PINK - the new Acai Beads Pink shade is here!

Hi guys! It's July - HOW? I can't believe the "time" these days, it's like a breeze going by and shaking your hair from right to the left and then, it's Christmas. The good thing is that we're constantly updating our website, which feels like progress.
Remember that last month we received a HUGE shipment of Acai Beads from South America? Slowly, those little acas berries are being photographed and making their way to our website where they can be purchased and shipped all over the world. This week, I couldn't be happier to add some bright pink beads and OMG - let's talk about this special shade of Acai Beads we named "Barbie Pink".
These are available now and I can't wait to see them out in the world being transformed into real crafts and jewelry. How fun!!!???
Have a beautiful week everyone!
Lilly xoxo :)

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