Hey, Hi, Hello.


I'm Lilly, the multitasker creator behind the scenes of Nature Beads. NB was born of my enthusiastic love of making jewelry and honestly, to help me pay for books and college expenses. Today, it is a hodgepodge of everything my eyes catch love for and my full-time little - humble business.

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I was born in the heart of the Amazon rainforest, a place I'm proud to call home. I miss the jungle, the greenery, the birds and animals and the simple and happy people. You learn a lot about being simple and humble growing up in the Amazon, that's a gift!

I'm a Biologist by degree and truly a Nature Lover, which once upon a time I considered calling my business as. But, I guess NB is tiny little reminders that "Nature" is truly our mother creator, so Nature Beads it is.




For some time my little sister and my little nephew aka. "Nugget" have been my helpers and partners in crime. I couldn't live life without them. When life was uncertain, that baby gave me so much life.

 You'll get to see him around here quite a lot along with my two big babies. Yeah! I got two big loving shepherds that have been with me for the last decade. They are the whole reason why I am not on my desk all day and truly, I love standing outside playing with them while catching some rays.



A lot of our products are made from natural nuts and seeds, handmade beads from small artisan families, cool textiles from Africa and South America. We love to work directly with small artisan businesses, so while you shop with us, you're supporting their mighty little business as well.
Cheers to our new website and I am sure it will be a place of constant changes.
Much love to y'all.
Lilly & NB Team