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Fresh items : June 2023

Hi y'all! I promised that I would keep up with this BLOG updates, but it turns out that being one woman running this show requires a lot of time, which so it seems - is somewhat feeling these days. I don't know if I told you guys, or off you have seen on Instagram that I am journeying life as a photographer - ALSO... haha, it takes a ton of time and I feel like I am spread too thin, but I am here living my dream and honestly, this is the raw side of life.
Bright White Acai Beads
Whoever said it would be easy, I don't think they had a family, a house, a garden, pets, trying to grow your family (IVF life), running a couple businesses and still, trying to be healthy and sane. lol... But, here are the fresh items this month at NB home and if you guys ever need something you don't find here, most likely we have in the studio and they haven't made their way to the shop.
Acai beads Necklace
Black Acai Beads
We have received one of our largest shipments since C-vid hit us and I couldn't be more happy to share the news. Not only we have some of our staple Acai beads colors back in stock, it means that I am back dyeing Acai Beads as well. You know those beautiful soft blues and pinks that have been so missed in our shop, yeah... I can't wait to get my hands dirty. More colors coming soon!
I also have photographed and listed some of our South American inspired Jewelry that I have made and some other artisans in South America have created, and they will make perfect fits this coming Holiday season. That is, if they stay in our shop that long because usually they go quickly.
We also have these gorgeous Amethyst and Labradorite Pendants fresh from Nepal. How beautiful are they? These are made by small artisan families and honestly, the Amethyst Pendants are stunning (my favorite!). 
But, I couldn't take the credit from these Labradorite Pendants, how beautiful is that shining blue contrast? It is a solid 10 in our list!
Now, one of my favorite collections, the African Beads collection is getting more colorful and reach day by day. I honestly love photographing them. The story of African Beads is something so beautiful, it is hard to pass by and not be willing to add more African tradition to your collection.
Well, while this basket came and was gone so quickly, but we also hoard 100 of them in our studio, y'all just wait for the items coming soon.
Thank you always for your support. It means so much to me!
See ya!
Lilly M.

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