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Living Life plus Fresh Items - May (week 1 & 2)

Hi, y'all! It's May!

 It is so crazy that it is May already. It feels like since I started journeying through the IVF road, time flies out a lot quicker than it used to. This year has been marked with so much pain, loss, and sadness, but with a great deal of gratitude.

 Three cycles later, still with empty arms.

We know that our path is already set ahead in front of us and all we can do is trust that it all will turn out the best way it should. :) 

Well, that's a quick life update but turning gears towards "biz"; I've added new items every other week - as much I can and as long as the creative juices are flowing through my hands and mind. Sometimes I feel like I am in a slump, not feeling very creative at all and it shows in my pictures. Certainly, y'all know when things are peachy over here. LOL.



 We've added a few new Snake Vertebrae Necklaces dyed in Black. Plus we're looking forward to a new shipment of Brown Snake Vertebrae coming in June. Those are so very cool!


Snake Vertebrae Necklace


New colors and new Acai Beads mixes, I love to photograph them and play around with colors. Check out the new mixes and let me know if you guys love them. 


Caramel Cream Acai Beads


 Also, lots and lots of new Sea Shell Slices and beautiful seashell specimens are making their way to the website. Perfect for jewelry making but also, wedding, decor, beach inspired "anything and everything".


Murex Ramosus Sea Shell Slices

Coyote and Badger Claws are back in stock - LIMITED time and quantity.


Coyote Claws

Strawberry Strombus Sea Shells

I also added a few colors of the River Bead Collection Tagua Bracelets, more coming soon!


Tagua Nut Bracelets

And the Porcupines that have been sold out are BACK in stock, but we have limited quantities of them as well.


Porcupine Quills


Hope you guys love these and keep in mind that some of these items are "limited time" items only. Some of them are not going to be re-stocked and a few are one of a kind.


Sending love and light!


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