florida sunrise

Simple, Good sunny Days

florida sunrise


Oh, hello from beautiful Florida



Well, living in North Florida can be great, but some days I wish we were a tad cooler. Gardening is something that I have always tapped into, from growing tomatoes in 5-gallon buckets to raising warms on my mom's terrace, but never was able to fully fulfill it.



A few years ago I moved into a house with a little yard and I was so happy because I finally was able to get myself some raised beds and experiment. Well, last year, I had massive tomato plants that actually served as home for some hungry horn caterpillars, and my raised beds turned into mini forests of their own. 

This year, I am running a little behind on seeing the seeds and putting plants on the ground, but honestly, the heat is quite exhaustive. Sometimes it feels like 70° by 9 am. Cheers for this beautiful Florida sunny weather and plants.



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