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Hey, hi, hello!

Welcome to NB new home. I've been itching to change platforms and being able to offer a better platform and here it is. Sometimes stepping over the threshold brings a lot of fear, but hey... we gotta start somewhere. This is a place that will always be changing and I will most likely be always twinking in hopes to make it better.


fish scales

The world pandemic gave me time to really think about what I want to do next and truly, it has been a slow, but fruitful and year full of growth.

Not only NB has a new online home, but it has its own physical home as well. In the middle of the Oaks and with plenty of space, we got our studio built from the ground up and oh boy, we're so freaking proud.


Nature Beads 

We're such a small business but your support is mighty! Cheers to new beginnings with lots of love, hope, and faith. If you're a customer, thank you for your support. You have helped us get to where we are and if this is your first time stopping by, well... Welcome and let us know how we can help.


Lilly & NB Team

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