real brown snake vertebrae
real brown snake vertebrae
real brown snake vertebrae
real brown snake vertebrae
real brown snake vertebrae

African Wild Thing Necklace or Loose Beads in Brown


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Real Brown Snake Vertebrae, Natural Bone Beads, 7-10mm / Natural Large Hole Beads, Tribal, Bohemian, Juju, Oddities, Jewelry Making Supplies

Coolest beads ever and they're sure to grab everyone's attention. These are real Snake Vertebrae from Africa that have been stained in a dark brown color. The single vertebrae bone beads interlock and give the movement of a real snake crawling through the ground. Most strands are from a whole snake, but you might find a few extra pieces from a different snake. I can guarantee you will love them! They are super lightweight and are very popular for trendy tribal jewelry.

No animals are harmed for these bones and these are bi-products from the food industry. In Asian countries, it is common to farm-raise Pythons that are used for leather and meat, the bones are recycled and nothing goes to waste. 

Material: real snake vertebrae (bone beads)
Quantity: pick quantities in the menu, from a loose pack of 10 beads to a full necklace with approximately 80-90 beads (qty varies according to the vertebrae size)
Bead Shape: these beads are irregular, no two beads are the same
Size: beads vary from 7-10mm wide and NO TWO beads are the same, please note that - if you buy one pack and a week later you buy another pack, they will be most likely different. Full necklaces are usually from the same whole snake vertebrae
Hole size: 2-3mm (they may vary in the same bag/strand)
Color: brown (stained bone beads)

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