Authentic African Porcupine Quills, 4-5" long, 5 Small pcs


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Authentic African Porcupine Quills, 4-5" long, 5 Small pcs / Quill Needles for Quillwork, Natural Beads, Craft and Jewelry Making

Beautiful Porcupine Quills from Africa, in a rich mixture of Black, Dark Brown, and White, and ready to be used. These porcupine quills are cruelty-free and animals are NOT hurt in any way. The quills will come off naturally and are gathered in the ground, not pulled off the animal. Porcupines are very sensitive animals and sometimes even getting them to jump down from 3 feet height, will make them dispatch their quills, but please note that the quills will fall out easily and regrow quickly. Biologists have said that quills are somewhat superficial and there's no pain when quills are released, which is a good thing to know.

These porcupines' quills are sharp and some will feel like needles, so please be careful! They will average in size, shape, and color from one to another, ranging from 2.5-3.5" long, and are of small size and thickness will vary, but you're looking at 2.5-4mm thick (outer diameter). Please see the close-up pictures for further details. Porcupine Quills were used as home adornments and in tribal jewelry, but they have been used in many ways, from modern fashion jewelry, crafts, basketry, hair sticks, costumes, art projects, and more. Just let your creativity flow!

Material: real porcupine quills
Size: quills will vary in size, shape, and color, from 4-5 inches long, thickness will vary as well, but you're looking at 2.5-4mm thick quills (outer diameter).
Quantity: 5 pcs bundle



Theses beads are very bright and colorful just what I wanted for my project. Fast delivery and my package came right on time.I for sure would buy from this seller again.Thank you.

on Apr 20, 2021 5 out of 5 stars   

These are almost too beautiful to use... almost. They're so smooth and gorgeous and shiny that I keep running my fingers through them, like the treasure they are... but they'll make a gorgeous trim on my "mermaid bag", made with the beautiful aquamarine tilapia leather I bought these with.

on Apr 17, 2021 5 out of 5 stars

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