Cream White: Ostrich Bone Beads, Barrel - Tube Shaped


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Cream White: Ostrich Bone Beads, Barrel - Tube Shaped, Assorted Sizes / Natural Beads, Large Hole Beads, Tribal Beads, African Beads, Jewelry Making

Looking for Bone Beads that are unusual, then these are perfect for you. These Ostrich bone beads are handmade in Kenya from recycled Ostrich bone. The bone is shaped by hand into little barrels and drilled in the center and each bead is unique. They range from 11-12mm tall and 9-10mm diameter with a hole of approximately 2mm in the center of each bead.

❁ Details:
Material: recycled ostrich bone beads
Quantity: available in packs of 10 loose beads or 1 full necklace with approximately 50 beads (it may vary from strand to strand, 30 inches in a hoop)
Size: average size is 9-10mm diameter x 11-12mm tall x the hole is the approximately 2mm inner diameter

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nature beads has always been proud

to work with small artisan families and being from South America myself, I know and I have seen the reality of a working hard family that depends on the income from their crafts. By shopping with us, you're helping them. So thank you! Thank you for sticking with us and for supporting so many people around the world. You might not know them, but they are thankful!



Theses beads are very bright and colorful just what I wanted for my project. Fast delivery and my package came right on time.I for sure would buy from this seller again.Thank you.

on Apr 20, 2021 5 out of 5 stars   

These are almost too beautiful to use... almost. They're so smooth and gorgeous and shiny that I keep running my fingers through them, like the treasure they are... but they'll make a gorgeous trim on my "mermaid bag", made with the beautiful aquamarine tilapia leather I bought these with.

on Apr 17, 2021 5 out of 5 stars

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