Lime Green: 3 pcs Tagua Potato Chips,
Hot Pink: Tagua Slices, Tagua Potato Chips, 3 pieces, Assorted Tagua Beads, Eco-Friendly Beads, Vegetable Ivory, Eco Beads, Jewelry Making Supplies
Lime Green: 3 pcs Tagua Potato Chips,
Lime Green: 3 pcs Tagua Potato Chips,
Lime Green: 3 pcs Tagua Potato Chips,
Lime Green: 3 pcs Tagua Potato Chips,

Lime Green: 3 pcs Tagua Potato Chips, Tagua Slices


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Lime Green: 3 pcs Tagua Potato Chips, Tagua Slices for Jewelry Making, DIY Jewelry Tagua Beads, Eco-Friendly Jewelry Supplies

One of the first products we carried early on, these Tagua Potato Chip Slices are very lightweight and super fun to create with. You can drill extra holes if needed using a Dremel and it is one of those beads that you can go big and bulk, not feeling any weight. The Tagua Slices have been cut from organic Tagua Nuts, polished, dyed, and polished again. The brown on the edge of the slice is the natural polished bark from the nut, giving these Tagua Slices a very beautiful and earthy look.

All Tagua Beads and Slices are handmade and please note, due to their natural nature, they will have imperfections and some will show a few scratches here and there, which is just part of the handmade process. Some slices will show rings in the center, giving them a marbled effect and that is just the growth rings from the Tagua Nut - in our opinion, just stunning though! Tagua Nuts are natural and well known as being Nature's friendly source of ivory.

Our Tagua Beads and Slices are 100% handmade, with no LAQUER or VARNISHING finishes. They are tumbled and polished for a nice sheen.

• What's TAGUA:
Tagua Nuts – also known as Vegetable Ivory is a seed that comes from the Phytelephas Macrocarpa palm tree, that grows in the tropical rainforest of South America. The nuts grow in large spike clusters, reminding a honey cone with many nuts inside. They are pure cellulose and before the nuts mature, they are soft and can be eaten – they taste just like a fresh coconut. I have tasted them!

Many nuts present a crack in the center due to the drying process and the density is very close to the density of ANIMAL IVORY. Tagua is replacing the slaughter of mammal ivory (elephants and others) in the textile and fashion industries. In one year, one tagua palm produces as much ivory as an average female African elephant. No HARM is done to nature and hundreds of families are employed by the Tagua nut production market.

Material: natural Tagua Nuts
Quantity: 3 Tagua slices in assorted sizes
Size: beads vary in size from 30 to 50mm tall x 25 to 30mm wide x 2mm thick
Bead Shape: thin and flat
Hole Size: approximately 2.5mm inner diameter

✪ Props not included;
✪ Not a toy, not intended for use by, or in products intended for children 14 or under. May be harmful if swallowed.

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