Silver Hook & Loop 10mm Leather Clasp
Silver Hook & Loop 10mm Leather Clasp
Silver Hook & Loop 10mm Leather Clasp
Silver Hook & Loop 10mm Leather Clasp

Silver: Hook & Loop 10mm Leather Clasp, 40x18mm, 1 set


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Silver: Loop & Hook 10mm Leather Clasp, 40x18mm 2 piece clasp / Loop Hook Leather Clasps, Wrap Leather Bracelets Clasp

This is one of our most popular designs and now, available in a beautiful silver finish. The clasp is very versatile and can be worn by both, women and men. The clasp will 10mm flat leather straps, or 2 pieces of 5mm leather side by side, or several strands of smaller size leather.

The clasp is made from solid zinc and they're hypo-allergenic and lead-free. It cannot be crimped and the leather cording needs to be glued inside (super glue or E6000 works best with it). Note, this is a listing for the clasp only, you can get 5mm leather at the link below.

Material: zink / zamak - made in Greece
Quantity: 1 clasp, 2 pieces
Size: the loop is 18mm diameter x 30mm tall // the bar is 16mm wide // the leather hole is 10mm wide x 2.5mm tall

❁ Glue Info:

We use two types of glue to attach the leather to the clasps. Our number one go-to glue is super glue, it is strong and easy to use and we prefer the gel type super glue that you can squeeze just about perfect every time needed. We also like the E6000, which is a little thicker but works great with just about everything.

❁ How to attach the leather to the clasp:

First, make sure to have a damp cloth ready to wipe the extra glue from the clasp. I like to measure the leather and add it to the clasp before gluing to make sure it fits properly. If needed, shave a little off the ends of the leather for a nice tight fit. Add the glue and wipe the extra glue (if any). Hold for a few seconds and let it dry before wearing it.

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